Should You Use A Free Online Resume Builder?

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In theory, a free online resume builder is of great help to a job seeker. A free resume online builder would quickly and efficiently take that job seeker's input, then massage and format it into a great resume sure to get a job interview and offer. All for free. In this magical world where this theory is true, the job seeker could then take the time and money they saved by using the free online resume builder and buy a unicorn to ride over a rainbow.

In the real world, a free online resume builder can be useful in formatting a resume into the appearance of a professional document, but is of relatively limited value in creating a strategically and tactically effective sales document for you. The operating principle as to why a piece of online software isn't going to work is simple. Computer programmers call it GIGO --- Garbage In, Garbage Out. The quality of the resume which the online resume program will produce is wholly dependent on the quality of the information which the job seeker puts into that program. In nine cases out of ten, that information is likely to be pretty poor. The reason is that knowing what to say in a resume usually comes as a result of having written a few strategically and tactically sound resumes. The job seeker looking for free online resume builder probably hasn't done that, because if he or she had, he or she would just update that resume and use it.

Info to Feed a Free Online Resume Builder

If a job seeker absolutely insists on using a free online resume builder, then he or she needs to be sure to input the kind of information which will result in a good resume. In a phrase, that means that he or she needs to provide proof of success and accomplishments which prove the case that the candidate is capable of solving the most pressing business problems which the target opening is responsible for. If the candidate doesn't know what these problems are, then he or she should do some research and talking to employees of that company to find out that information.

Since a free online resume builder only takes the information the candidate provides and formats it, the candidate needs to include the relevant problems that the candidate has faced, the actions he or she has taken to solve them and the results which he or she achieved. What's more, the candidate should make sure that the other information which he or she inputs into the resume building software all feeds into the same argument that the candidate is experienced and successful at the core duties of the job. The educational information, the career objective, even the activities that the candidate provides to the software can and should reinforce that core argument.


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