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An executive resume must display intelligence and organization. Whether you are applying for a junior executive position, or being evaluated for a senior management role, your resume is the most important piece of paper that will influence those making decisions about your career. The right executive resume not only gets potential employers interested, but provides them with all the reasons they eyed to bring you in for an interview and make a case for why the company should hire you. A less than perfect executive resume, however, can only hurt you.

An executive resume exists to do one thing for you: to act as your sales agent with whoever reads it. Consequently, it needs to be laser focused from the contact details at the top to the very last line on conveying only the information that completes that sales job. Ultimately, that information boils down to whether or not you are capable of coming into the organization and solving the problems that your position has responsibility for. If you are applying for the job yourself, then, it is of great benefit to your executive resume writing effectiveness to find out exactly what those problems are. Don't assume that because you have held a similar role before that you know exactly what those problems are. Each company has different challenges, roles and corporate cultures. Your first task should be to find out exactly what the target company needs the target company to accomplish.

The Executive Resume Made Easy

Once you have a clear and specific idea about what the target company needs the target job to accomplish, your executive resume should prove without a doubt that you are the most qualified candidate to begin accomplishing those tasks immediately. At the end of the day, that task of proving is most efficiently accomplished by the simple tactic of pointing out similar or identical accomplishments in your career to date. As a part of your job history section, be sure to lay out the most relevant achievements in a format that makes it clear what the problem was, what actions you took and what the final result was. This information, if it is specifically tailored to match up with the desired accomplishments, makes Hiring Managers think to themselves "this candidate is exactly what we are looking for!"

A really effective executive resume does not limit its sales efforts to the job history section. Each portion of this resume should reinforce the simple message that you are experienced and proven at solving the problems that the target position is responsible for. The objective line is a good place to add that you're also passionate about solving that problem. The educational achievements section is a great place to show that you've been trained to solve that problem. The activities and hobbies section is a good place to show that you solve similar problems in your leisure activities too.


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