How To Find an Example of a Good Resume

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Finding an example of a good resume shouldn't be all that difficult. There are certainly plenty of examples of good resumes out there on the Internet, in books and in books and magazines. The difficulty, however, is that there are even more examples of bad resumes out there as well, examples which look enough like the good resumes to confuse the average job seeker on the hunt for a sample to base his or her resume on. Ultimately, therefore, it falls onto the job seeker to take responsibility for their own resume search and to learn how to tell the difference between a good resume example and the other kind.

Fortunately, learning to pick out an example of a good resume isn't extremely difficult once the job seeker has learned a couple of very simple concepts. The first concept is that the resume is really nothing more or less than a sales document. As a sales document, it fulfills the same function as a sales agent walking into the hiring manager's office and convincing that hiring manager that the job seeker is qualified for, interested in and available for the open position. Judged from this perspective, an example of a good resume is a resume in which the facts listed on the resume each serve to further that argument.

More Ways to Pick an Example of a Good Resume

Another concept which will help a job seeker evaluate and find an example of a good resume is to notice which resume samples are geared to demonstrate problem solving experience, and list tangible achievements to do that. Hiring managers, you see, don't think of employees as people who will come in and do the things listed under the job description. Instead, they think of the new employee as someone who will come in and solve the problems which the Hiring Manager is currently confronted with in that department. Consequently, he or she is evaluating resumes looking for someone who has experience solving those particular problems in their job history. Furthermore, the way that the Hiring Manager is evaluating whether the applicant has that relevant job experience is looking at the results the applicant has listed on his or her resume and compares them mentally to the results that he or she wants to see achieved by the new hire.

A last concept which should help a job seeker pick out an example of a good resume is the concept of passion. Given two equally qualified candidates that hiring manger is going to pick the one which demonstrates the most passion for the job. Putting a candidate's love for the challenges of your career on the resume is a little tricky. If it's too obvious, it loses some of its effectiveness. Ideally, some of that should come through in the achievements, accomplishments and activities that the candidate has listed throughout the resume. But at the very least, an example of a good resume will have a strong objective line which conveys some sense of excitement about the target career.


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