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Chances are if you're looking for a customer service resume sample... you are a job seeker looking for a new or better position in the customer service area. If that's the case, then a customer service resume sample is not really what you want. What you really want is advice and examples to teach you how to write a customer service resume which gets you the interview and the job that you want. Though a sample resume can get you part of the way there, it can't take you all the way and in fact may wind up hurting your eventual resume more than it helps it.

The problem with customer service sample resumes is that they dot accurately reflect either the necessities of your target job or the experiences and qualifications that you bring to the job search. To make the sample fit these things, you are going to have to rewrite the sample extensively, changing just about every piece of information on the sample. So why not learn how to write one correctly yourself in the first place? That way, you can just use the customer service sample resume as a basis for the style and look of the resume you will send out eventually?

Tailoring your Customer Service Resume Sample

Before you begin changing your customer service resume sample to fit your needs, it's important to get a good strong sense of what those needs are. The first step of that process is to do a systematic research of your target company and position to learn what they are looking for specifically. Though you might know the name of the position that you are applying for, that's not going to be enough. You need to know the duties, the environment, the conditions and the business problems that the position will be dealing with on a daily basis. Most of all, you need to know what results and accomplishments the target position needs to achieve to be considered a success.

Once you have all those things straight, the next logical step is to transform the customer service sample resume into a sales document which proves that you are the most qualified to achieve those relevant results and accomplishments. Ultimately, the most effective and convincing way to prove that qualification is to simply show that you have achieved exactly those results before. That, more than the dates and titles of your former jobs, is the primary purpose of the job history section of your resume. You should also use the other sections of the resume to strengthen this case as well. Your educational section should show that you've been trained to solve the relevant business problems. Your activities section should show that you've gained relevant skills outside of the workplace. The objective line should establish and demonstrate that you are passionate about pursuing a career solving those business problems. By the time you've finished the resume, each piece should combine with the other pieces to create a targeted, strategic, irresistible sales pitch.


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