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Perfect customer service resumes are as specialized and unique as the different kinds of customer service jobs that they are written for. They all share a couple of key elements in common though. If you are a job seeker looking to get hired in the a customer service job, a little bit of time learning these elements and putting them into your own customer service resume can result in big improvements in your ability to land your dream jobs. Of these elements, the first and most important one to remember is that the resume is nothing more or less than a sales document. It's not a personal history, or a chronological narrative of your life in the workforce, or a cross-section of your work career, though it may look like those things. It's a sales document, sort of like a car brochure or piece of Internet spam promising to deliver "male enhancement."

In a customer service resume, as in all sales documents, the name of the game is to convince the reader to choose the product as a means of meeting a need or solving a problem that the reader has. In the case of the car brochure or the male enhancement pill, that need is for a dream car or a larger, better functioning piece of anatomy. In the case of the customer service resume, the need may not be as clear. That is where research comes in. Before even putting the first finger to the computer keyboard, the job seeker should do some thorough and complete research into the target company and position. What are the duties that the target job is responsible for? What problems is he or she expected to solve? What is the market, corporate, social and technological environment like where the job-holder is expected to solve them? Most importantly, what kind of accomplishments would prove that the job-holder is successful?

Putting the Customer Service Resume Pieces Together

Answers to these questions can be found online, in discussion boards, in trade magazines and by talking to people who work for the company. After all, these aren't secrets. The employer is probably shouting out from the mountaintop what they are looking for in their next employees.

Once you know all these things, then you can start writing your customer service resume. Naturally, you will do that in a way that proves that you are the solution to the reader's needs. To prove this fact, you use your own experiences, success, training, accomplishments, interests, education and whatever else you feel strengthens your case. The end result is a resume which makes the reader feel like you, the candidate, have somehow read their mind and presented yourself as exactly the kind of candidate that you are looking for. To put the cherry on top of the perfect customer service resume, write an objective line that demonstrates your passion for solving just the types of problems the employer is the most concerned with solving.


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