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Creating a resume isn't all that difficult? Job seekers do it all the time, and then send those resumes off to their target employers only to never hear back from them. Or if they do hear back it is an impersonal form letter informing the candidate that their qualifications do not meet any openings at the moment but that the candidate's resume will be kept on file for the future. The reason that most resumes get thrown out, even when the candidate is qualified is that creating a resume that works is considerably more time and labor intensive than creating a resume that doesn't.

Creating a resume that works means creating a sales document which is aimed at convincing the reader of one key fact: that the candidate is qualified, interested and available for the target opening. If the resume convinces the hiring manager of that combination of attributes, then the hiring manager will bring the candidate in for an interview and the resume has done its job well. Like creating any effective sales document, creating a resume which can accomplish this task requires putting some thinking, researching and decision-making before the actual task of putting words on paper can even start. As a matter of fact, it's sometimes helpful to think of the resume as the famous iceberg tip that sticks up above water, the only visible evidence of the enormous mass of ice underneath it.

Creating a Resume: A Checklist

Since creating a resume means writing a sales document, you should go into the task with the mentality of someone constructing an argument or case, just like you would go into an office and try to convince the hiring manager personally. Just why is the candidate qualified, interested and available for the specific target opening? Do they have a clear understanding of what that specific job entails? Are they passionate about those activities? Are they experienced in that field? More importantly, are they successful at it? Most importantly of all, what achievements or accomplishments prove that experience and success?

Creating a resume which convinces the reader in these matters requires that the job seeker have these questions adequately answered for him or herself beforehand. Having a clear answer for each one of these questions may require doing some research on the Internet, in trade publications and with people working in the target job or company already. As a general rule, the more specifically the job seeker can tailor their resume to the specific needs and requirements of the target opening, then the more successful the resume will prove. What this means is that a job seeker might find it necessary to create a resume for each specific job opening that he or she is truly interested in. Though individually crafting resumes like that takes more time and energy, those resumes stand a much better chance of success than some one size fits all resume which goes out to every target.

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