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There are very few people in this world who look forward to the time when they need to create a resume. Even though it's not all that hard to create a resume, it's not that much fun, either. And it can often be overwhelming to think of all the possible ways to write it and have to decided on the most appropriate information and format to land the target job. Unfortunately, unless you have the money to hire a professional resume writing service, creating a resume is a necessary act, one of the first in the job search process in fact. So you might as well learn to do it correctly.

As it turns out, when you create a resume, you also wind up with a great deal more than just the document which you send out to your target employers. When you write your resume strategically, you are forced to do a great deal of thinking about your job history, your accomplishments, your goals, your passions, your qualifications, the industry that you are in, the job that you want to attain and even about the world, work and life in general. Besides putting your own career into some sort of new perspective, the insights that you gain as a result of this research and thinking gives you a real head start to shining out when you start sitting down for interviews.

The Right Way To Create Your Resume

The first question that you should ask yourself as you begin the writing process is whether you want to use the chronological or functional format. If you are continuing an established career in a field, you will want to highlight your experience by listing all of your jobs in a chronological order. If you are switching careers, however, it's more important that you highlight your skills, by listing your skills first and foremost, followed by your job history. Once you've established the format, then start writing. Begin with your contact information, including email address, then your "objective" line. This is one place where a lot of thinking should happen before you start putting the words down on the paper. What is your career objective? Does it match up with the job that you are applying for? Try to think of it from the point of view of the hiring manager, too. What kind of person do you think that they are looking for?

Next, begin listing your job history or your skill sets, depending on which format of resume you create. This is the place to demonstrate, through experienced gained in the workplace, schools and hobbies that you can solve the kind of problems that the business confronts in your target job. A good format for doing this is elaborating on each job or skill set with concise bullet points which convey the challenge that you faced, the actions that you took and the results you achieved. Lastly, give the resume a thorough proofreading and ask a trusted professional friend to take a look at it.


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