Should You Create a Free Resume?

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Though it might be tempting to pay a professional resume writer to craft a resume for you, there are several good reasons why you should create a free resume yourself. The first, obviously, is price. Professional resume writers can charge hundreds of dollars for a resume, money which many job seekers, especially those new to the job market, may not be able to afford. The second reason that you should write your own free resume is because writing the resume will force you to do research and think about your job history and objectives in a very clear and complete way. That thinking and research will pay off for you in your cover letters, interviews, career networking and job performance. The third and most important reason why you should create a free resume is that it is likely to be better than one which a professional writes for you.

When you use a resume service instead of create a free resume, you are making a trade off between the two bodies of knowledge needed to write a great resume; knowledge about resumes and knowledge about yourself and your job experience. Essentially you are willing to bet that the professional with the resume knowledge can create a better resume for you than you can with your extensive knowledge about your job experience but limited knowledge about how to write resumes. Often this is a good bet, but wouldn't it be even better for someone with both pools of knowledge to write the resume? Since educating the professional resume writer about every aspect of your career and job history is time intensive and liable to become very expensive (professionals expect to be compensated for their time, after all) it's a much better plan to educate you about how to create a free resume like a professional.

Create a Free Resume the Professional Way

Ultimately, to create a free resume like a professional writer means to create a resume which works as a sales document convincing the hiring manager that you are qualified for the position. This, in turn, means that you have a clear idea of what the position requires --- the kind of problems which a successful position-holder will solve and what accomplishments they will achieve in that job. Learning these facts for your target position might require you to do some extensive research and investigation, but once you have them, you will know clearly what the hiring manager is looking for.

Once you know what the Hiring Manager is looking for, then you simply create a free resume which makes the case that you have solved those problems and achieved those accomplishments yourself. Use your job experience, extra-vocational activities and educational histories as proof of your fitness for the position and top it all off with a career objective which demonstrates your understanding of the position, your passion for it, and your dedication to solve these problems for your employer.


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