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Whether you are looking for a better job or just needing to get any job, you need to build a resume which will get you the interview. That means creating a resume which convincingly sells you to the reader and lets them know that you are capable of solving the specific business problems which that target job encounters. The best way of doing this is to build a resume which is chock full of examples of how you have already solved those business problems in your life.

Naturally, before you can build a resume which shows how well you have solved the important business problems faced by your target position, you need to know what those problems are. This might require some research, either online or by talking to people about the position and the company. If the job you are targeting is analogous to the job you already have, or just a promotion to a higher level, that is quite simple. You should already have a pretty good idea of what it takes to be successful at it. All the same, you should consider the differences in environment and business culture which might alter the requirements for success in the new position.

More Tips on How to Build a Resume

Once you have that information straight in your own mind, you build a resume which demonstrates the experience you have solving those problems. A good place to do this is in the job experience section of your resume. In addition to the location, title, duties and dates for each job you have held, list some of your key accomplishments and results. As you do, try to list them in a way which conveys the way that you approached the problem, what actions you took ad the results you obtained. Other places to show where you have solved those problems are in the education and even hobbies section of the resume. The things that you have accomplished in school and in your community often apply to the workplace, as well as give a sense of the kind of person you are.

Once you've established your problem solving prowess, the next step to build a great resume is to ad the passion factor. If a hiring manager is forced to choose between two candidates with equal problem solving experience, he or she is most likely to choose the one who is more excited about the job and the career. To make sure that you are considered that candidate, be sure to build a resume with an objective line at the very top. Put a sentence in that objective line that demonstrates that you understand the 'big picture' of the target job and that you obtain great personal satisfaction from solving the problems of that job. Lastly, get someone else, preferably someone who knows about the job and the company to take a look at your resume for you. Once it's been checked for typos and appropriateness then it's ready to send out with confidence.


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