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For the accounting job candidate in a time crunch, finding an accounting resume sample online seems like a great stroke of luck. By using the accounting resume sample, this candidate might think that they could cut down the time needed to create their resume by simply making a couple of key changes in the resume and sending it out to their targeted job decision makers. Though this plan sounds good in theory, the reality is that not all sample resumes are created equal. Some might be good to use as an example for formatting and appearance purposes, others might offer good examples of what kind of information to put down in an accounting resume. Others, however, might be of o use at all.

The secret to finding an accounting resume sample which is worth using as a resume guide is to find one which lists the same kind of experiences, successes and training that you yourself possess. That is because accounting is a profession which puts a lot of emphasis on the kinds of processes which candidates have been trained to execute, and the specific fields of experience they have been most exposed to. This emphasis on specific bodies of knowledge and skills is a double edged sward. If you have most of your job experience in non-profit tax accounting work, and apply for a job doing corporate audit work, you're facing an uphill climb.

Looking for the Right Accounting Resume Sample

On the other hand, since you should know exactly what the target employer is looking for, you have a head start in finding the accounting resume sample which highlights those things. And, by extension, creating an accounting resume which proves that you have those relevant job achievements and successes. If you know the names of the various sections of tax law which the target job specializes in, don't be afraid to put that in the resume. If you know that the target opening specializes in a certain kind of client, be sure to list those kinds of clients on your resume. Though you should strive to be as honest as you can, for professional and ethical reasons, the cut-and-dried nature of accounting resumes gives you a good, clear target to shoot for in your own resume.

Once you've found the accounting sample resume that matches your ideal resume and altered it to fit your needs, write a cover letter which makes the case that you have strong experience and consistent success doing the tasks which the job requires. Last but not least, do your very best to contact the hiring manager directly and get your resume to him or her. In accounting firms, like many other companies, Human Resources departments often believe themselves to be the first line of defense which keeps job seekers away from accountants. As a result, they often turn away candidates which would have easily gotten an interview if one of the accountants had recommended the candidate as someone worth interviewing.


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