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Writing an accounting resume that gets results doesn't need to be a time-consuming project, or one that costs a job seeker hundreds of dollars. Right now, the accounting market is booming, and accountants are in the kind of high demand which results in lots of attractive job offers for qualified candidates. Ultimately, however, the very best job offers will go to the candidates with the strongest accounting resumes. Whether you are entering the accounting market for the first time or angling to get a better accounting job than you have now, writing a strong accounting resume is an investment in your future.

The most important thing to know about writing an accounting resume is that accounting is a profession which is built on process and consistency. Whether public accounting or bookkeeping, the basis of the accountant's credibility is that the numbers which are generated are the result of a consistent, proven, verifiable process which is shared across industries ad over time. This belief in process and consistency follows through in an accounting hiring manager's evaluation of a candidate's accounting resume. As the accounting hiring manager reads a candidate's resume, what he or she is looking for is proof that the candidate has learned the processes and practices which are relevant to the opening's responsibilities. Whatever the candidate's background, if he or she is able to demonstrate that he or she has mastered those processes, then he or she is a viable candidate.

Accounting Resume Considerations

If you are crafting your accounting resume, it's a good idea to begin your writing process with an evaluation of what the target company is looking for. Specifically, what kinds of processes do they want the target opportunity to perform and in what environments. Accounting is a profession which begins dividing its practitioners into specialties fairly early. Consequently, the experience requirements for accountants can vary widely depending on whether they are applying for a position specializing in Audit, Tax, Non-profit, Individual, Research, or Valuation. Once you have the requirements figured out, then the next logical step is to write your resume in such a way as to prove that you have training, experience and successes in those relevant areas.

Your accounting resume should be scrupulously honest, but don't be afraid to brag a little in your recounting of your relevant accomplishments and successes. After all, your resume is meant to be a sales document, not a mere biographical document or a chronological history of what you've done in the job market. Once you've got a firm idea of the requirements of the job, the resume should read as a stylized and formatted answer to the question "why should you get hired for this position?" To really clinch your position, write an accounting resume cover letter which paraphrases your qualifications and interest in a more informal, personal tone. If you've done a thorough job learning what capabilities the company is looking for and a clear job proving that you've already exhibited those capabilities, you are likely to hear from the employer.


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