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Having an effective IT resume can be an enormous advantage to IT job seekers. Basically, IT resumes have to work as a normal resume first. That is to say that it has to be a convincing sales document, one that clearly and forcefully makes the reader believe that the candidate is qualified to do the target job. This requires that you, as a candidate do the research necessary to know what the target company is looking for and the thinking to formulate the best way of proving that you provide exactly that. Secondly, an IT resume in particular has to be a resume which can be easily found online, where many IT companies search for their top talent.

Of these two tasks, writing the IT resume as a convincing sales document is the most challenging and complex. The basic idea is simple enough: find out what skills, experiences and results the target position is expected to have and write a resume that proves that you have those. But executing this idea can be difficult. Often, it's not obvious what the company is looking for exactly without doing some research or networking with people who already work at that employer. Writing the resume in a way that convincingly proves that you match up with those expectations is sometimes tricky as well. One mental trick to help you do it is to write a summary of what the company is looking for, then think of all the possible answers to the question "I am what the company is looking for because I have done the following things."

Breaking The IT Resume Code

As you answer those questions don't forget that the answers aren't only going to be in your career history section. Your education, your activities, your awards and honors and your career objective all provide substantial opportunities to show how you can succeed at the tasks and challenges that the target position requires. Use each one of those resume sections to strengthen your claim to be qualified, and to round out the areas of your strength and competence.

Once you've made your IT resume work for human readers, the next step is to make it computer friendly. Many IT employers look for their employees by searching for IT resumes with a search engine, either at a job board internet site or in resume databases which they or professional search firms have collected. As a result, it makes good sense to write your resume in a way that ensures that it will appear at the top of any search results. The best way to do this is to think about what keywords a seeker would enter to look for an IT professional like yourself and be sure to include those keywords multiple times in the resume, as close to the top as possible.


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